- Promotes more colorful Carols and reef Invertebrates.
- Promotes Healthy Environment to fish, shrimp and nerite snails.
- Also helps maintain healthy sensitive tissue in corals by bonding to oxygen to form non-toxic iodate.
- keep Iodine level Stable.

Aquaetic Iodide

  • Aquaetic Iodide Supplement provides bio-available iodine to reef inhabitants. Although present in salt mixes, Iodine is rapidly used up in the system, and removed through protein skimming, ozone and filtration. Aquaetic Iodide Supplement supplies Iodide needed for proper growth and health of invertebrates and algae. It contains a safe, stabilized form of Iodide which will not destroy system bacteria, as some competing products will. It contains no organic forms of Iodide which can pollute the system.