- Useful in both agricultural and non-agricultural settings.
- Pure crystals that dissolve easily in water.
- Clean ponds and pools.
- Increases vital coper content in soil.
- Widely useful for Metal Etching.
- Can be used water treatment.
- It Can also used to address mildew, leaf spots, blight and apple scabs.
- Effective in clearing root growth from pipes.

Copper Sulfate

  • Dawn Sci’s Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate (CuSO4. 5H2O) is bright blue crystals. It is known with many different names such as cupric sulfate, bluestone, blue copper, copper II sulfate or blue vitriol. It has thousands of known and useful applications. Dawn Sci’s pure copper sulfate will deliver results, no matter how or where you use it. Farmers, property managers, homeowners, and many others are discovering copper sulfate and its countless indoor and outdoor uses.