- Antiepileptic drug.
- Useful to control seizure activity in Central Nervous System.
- It would not affect the liver function.
-The Daily oral dose is 30 to 40 mg/kg of body weight.

Potassium Bromide

  • Potassium bromide, sometimes abbreviated as KBr, is one of the traditional anticonvulsant medications used to treat canine and feline epilepsy. It is frequently used together with Phenobarbital but may be used by itself to control seizure activity as well.

    Once your pet is started on potassium bromide, you should not suddenly stop giving the medication unless advised by your veterinarian. If potassium bromide can or should be discontinued, it is best to slowly taper the dosage.

    Blood tests should be monitored periodically while your pet is receiving potassium bromide. Levels of bromide in the blood can be measured and may be recommended. Other blood tests to check liver enzymes and potassium levels may be recommended as well.

    Dogs with liver problem may be able to get treatment with potassium bromide alone as it is excreted out by the kidney.